Only the best appetizers for our customers. We don’t care about cost–only

quality! Always breaded, never battered!

Cantina Platter

Sample platter of 3 mozzerella sticks, 3 Long wong poppers, 4oz cactus sticks, 4oz battered mushrooms 4oz onion rings and 4oz of Ranch


Mozza Sticks

5 golden brown mozzarella cheese sticks


Chili Cheese Fries

Big Stack of fries covered in chili & nacho cheese


Long Wongs Poppers

5 of the original poppers original Cream cheese breaded stuffed jalapenos


Coyote Skins

Potato shells smothered with Chedder and Jack & cheese, imitation bacon bits, & served with sour cream


Waffle Fry Nachos

Waffle cut potatoe fries, smothered with nacho cheese tomatoes, jalapeno, sour cream & guacamole


Cactus Sticks

8oz of battered De Zucchini Rebozados


Boneless wings

10 deep fried chicken breast tenders served with veggies and Ranch dressing choose your flavor of wing sauce


Battered mushrooms

8 oz golden brown battered whole mushrooms


Nachos Grande

Tortilla chips covered in nacho cheese & ground beef topped with tomatoes, jalapenos, served with sour cream and guacamole



Our salads are as fresh as possible. Our romaine is first pick of to produce to

ensure freshness.

Small Garden Salad

Small $2.25

Large $4.00

Buffalo Chicken Salad

Char broiled chicken breast dipped in your favorite sauce to add some zest to your salad


Grilled Chicken Salad

Char-broiled chicken breast


Fried Chicken Salad

Golden brown breaded strips of chicken


Side Orders

French fries………. $1.55

Waffle fries………. $2.55

Onion rings……. $2.55

Churros………. $2.00

Curly fries……. $2.25