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Among us mortals there are those who have been brave enough to challenge fate in various trials of heat and meat. Many have tried. Fewer have succeeded. You have probably seen the victors, forever glorified, in pictures on the walls of various restaurants and sports bars near you. These brave men and women went through sweat-inducing, tongue-flaring pain to take on one of the greatest challenges on planet Earth! That’s right, a hot wings challenge.

How hot can they be?

Many restaurants and sports bars have taken to creating their own spicy wings in order to answer that age-old question: Oops, did I put too much spice in again? Often, you will hear of restaurants utilizing the world’s hottest peppers to create these fiery monstrosities. Take the Ghost Pepper for example. It comes in at just over one million Scoville Heat Units (SHU). SHU is a measure of spiciness. Just for comparison, a jalapeno has a range of only 3,500 – 8,000 SHU. Soo ya, you could say the Ghost pepper is pretty spicy! And it’s currently only ranked #7 in the world’s hottest peppers. These peppers are hot. Phoenix is pretty hot too but that’s a different kind of hot.

Can we beat them!?

As you can imagine, the world’s spicy wings challenges are no joke. Restaurants holding these challenges may even require the challengers to sign waivers because these wings come at one’s own personal risk. One restaurant has created wings so crazy hot that they recommend their customers wear gloves just to hold them. If you can’t even hold them…can you eat them? Well the answer to that question is…yes. In that particular challenge, two out of twenty challengers have been able to conquer it. Most likely, these people have spent a lot of time preparing themselves to do what no mouths have done before. The rest of us can take comfort in the fact that we still have our taste buds.

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