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The Big Game: Traditions of the Super Bowl

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Sports fans are known for their traditions. It may be statistically impossible to watch a Packers game and not see the infamous cheeseheads throughout the stands, cheering their favorite team on. Throughout the years, extreme uses of face-paint, props, and more have been utilized by super-fans to show off their team-pride. With Super Bowl LI coming up, here are some of the traditions surrounding the Super Bowl.

Coin Toss

Yes, the coin toss before the start of the game has become its own tradition. A staple before every football game, the coin toss is the last event before the start of the big game. Anticipation builds up as the coin toss determines which team may start with an advantage. Beforehand, fans may even place bets on the outcome. With 50/50 odds, you’re just as likely to win as you are to lose right?

Halftime Show

This might not be a Super Bowl tradition as much as it is a tradition of the Super Bowl itself. Super Bowl halftime shows are known to have performance by popular music groups and stars each year. This year will feature a performance by Lady Gaga. These performances can be hit or miss depending on your preference of music. There are also pregame shows that come with their own theatrics.


Football commercials have often recognized the fans’ many at-home traditions. Bordering on superstitions, these can range from sitting in the same spot on the couch to eating the exact same food. Every super-fan knows these traditions MUST be upheld if their team is to have a chance at winning the big game. Buffalo wings are also a popular tradition among fans of the game. On Super Bowl Sunday, Americans will eat about 1.25 billion wings. Speaking of wings, stop by our place on Super Bowl Sunday and treat yourself to the “Best Wings in Phoenix.”


Here’s one that every member of the family can appreciate. Football fan or not, it’s become a widespread tradition to see the best commercials the Super Bowl has to offer. Known for being more entertaining than your standard brand of commercials, this is quite an accomplishment seeing as how commercials are usually that last thing anyone wants to see when viewing their favorite programs. Creating higher-quality commercials for the Super Bowl seems like a smart move considering how much it costs to air one. According to, a 30-second spot during the 2016 Super Bowl ran for about $5 million dollars!


So far we’ve mentioned mostly fans’ traditions, but what about the players themselves? According to The Good Stuff, NFL players have various traditions for the game. It may be every player having to touch the mascot or certain players eating certain foods. Whatever keeps the team from being jinxed. No shaving during a winning streak in the playoffs is one that has been heard of not only in football but in other sports like hockey, as well. Lastly, as we all know, the winning coach of the Super Bowl must be drenched in Gatorade upon victory.

Do you have any Super Bowl traditions of your own? Let us know in the comments. Super Bowl LI is getting closer so make sure to get your favorite jersey on and represent your team! Come watch the game from our sports bar Phoenix, too! May the best team win!

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