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With the 2016 football season under way, it’s looking like the Arizona Cardinals are all set to have another fantastic year.  One of our favorite past times is to settle down with a hot pizza, a steaming platter of hot wings (did we mention we have the best in Phoenix?) and an ice cold beer to enjoy the game. Of course there are many other traditions out there when it comes to enjoying America’s favorite sport, so we thought we’d list a few of them for you to try.

Family Sunday Lunch
What better way to get in that quality family time than by getting together for some great grub and great football.  

Tailgate parties
Gorgeous fall whether, ice cold beer and a group of friends all rooting for their favorite teams!  It doesn’t get much better than that.  Throw in a grill or a great pizza and some wings and it’s no wonder that this tradition has become so popular.

Face painting
Whether at the game or watching it from home, showing support for your team by covering your face with some creative variation of colors or your team’s logo is one way to show that you are a diehard fan!  Who knows, if you’re at the game you might even end up on the jumbotron or TV!

Breaking out the jerseys
Face painting isn’t for everyone but you can still show support for your team or favorite player.  Just don your favorite jersey and maybe throw in one of those foam fingers.

Add a special treat after half time
Maybe your team is not doing so well, or maybe the kids are starting to lose interest.  Introducing a special treat at the beginning of the third quarter is one way to lift spirits and renew energy.  Brownies or chocolate chip cookies are always a hit or maybe a cake decorated with your teams colors will do the trick.

Pizza and Wings
Okay, did you really expect us to leave this one out?  We love pizza and wings and happen to make the best in Phoenix.   As an added bonus, you can save the energy you would have spent making lunch and use it to root for your team.  

However you decide to enjoy this football season we hope it’s a memorable one.  So, put on your favorite jersey, gather the entire family together and start a tradition or two.  While you’re at it, stop by our facebook page and tell us about your favorite football traditions.

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