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We’ve all heard about items going on auction for prices that most of us would never be able to afford. Of course, it would nice to have that kind of money lying around. Unfortunately, collectors and other wealthy citizens outbid each other at costs that are more than a few years salary for most of us. Sports items and memorabilia can go for a pretty penny themselves. So, what sports items have been auctioned off for the most money? Well, this Glendale sports bar has found out for you!

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Paul Henderson 1972 Jersey – $1.3  Million

Henderson made key goals during a ‘Summit Series’ in which the two best hockey teams, Canada and the USSR, faced off. This series was during the Cold War, which made this series more than just a battle of hockey but a battle of ideologies, as well. Henderson ended up scoring the game winning goal that made his team pull a 3-game win streak to win the series. This is regarded as one of the most dramatic sports moments in history.

Soccer Rules Book (circa 1859) $1.4 million

This rules book, made in 1858, is the first known set of rules for soccer. It is believed to be the only print copy of the Rules, Regulation, & Laws of the Sheffield Football Club that has survived. Soccer is widely regarded as the world’s most popular sport so it’s no surprise that the first rules book for the sport is worth quite a bit of cash.

Honus Wagner 1909 Basebakk Card – $2.8 Million

Wagner is often considered to be one of the best all-time players of baseball. Interestingly, this card was originally intended to be sold inside of cigarette packs, but Wagner refused to let the American Tobacco Company do so because he didn’t want kids to go out and buy cigarettes. As a result, only 60 – 200 of these cards were ever released, making a near-mint condition card go for $2.8 million.

Mark McGwire’s 70th Home Run Ball – $3 Million

Why 70? Why not 100? Well there isn’t a 100th home run ball. Not for that season, at least. This ball was from his home run record-breaking season, a season in which he had 70 total home runs.

James Naismith’s Founding Rules of Basketball (1891) $4.3 Million

James Naismith is a name that you might not know. If you do know his name, then you are likely aware that he is the one credited with creating basketball. As such, this list of rules that he made is referred to as the “birth certificate” of basketball. This would be a pretty cool item to own for any basketball fan out there.

Babe Ruth’s 1920 Jersey – $4.4 Million

That’s right, good ol’ Babe Ruth has come out on top with a jersey valuing about four and a half million dollars. This jersey is the earliest known one to be worn by the baseball legend. Who knew he was wearing a four million dollar jersey at the time? Babe Ruth’s jersey takes a worthy 1st place spot for the most expensive sports memorabilia.

Can you believe the prices of some of these items? Did you know all of the people mentioned in this article? We hope you enjoyed reading up on some sports history here. Stop by your favorite Glendale sports bar for a round sometime!

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