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Long Wongs’ Let’s Try Something New: Dessert Tacos Edition

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Tacos are one of the well-known staples of Mexican food here in the States. While most of us are familiar with the classic taco, there is another side to tacos that remains largely unexplored by the vast populace. Do you know what happens when you take a lunch staple and make it into dessert? That’s right, you get dessert tacos. That’s dessert tacos, not desert tacos. Desert tacos are tacos with… a lot of sand? Definitely a lot of sand around us at Long Wongs Phoenix. Anyways, dessert tacos are like one of those things that are so crazy they just might work. While it might sound kind of weird at first, just put all thoughts of lunch tacos out of your mind and treat these as an entirely new dish. With that in mind, here are some dessert taco creations you might just have to try for yourself.

It Even Comes with Salsa

Our first entry, coming from halfbakedharvest.com comes stuffed with savory goodness. Ice cream, fudge, and coconut make up the notable flavors and it also has a little cinnamon in it, as well. Plus, it has its own salsa… Does that sound weird? Well, it’s not a traditional salsa but a banana peanut salsa. Just in case there wasn’t enough flavor already.


Let’s Get A Bit Healthier

If that last taco wasn’t your thing, then this one should likely make up for that. A large part of this dessert is the fruit that makes it up. And pretty much everyone likes fruit right? The recipe on BettyCrocker.com recommends adding nuts because why not get our health on too? And of course you can drizzle chocolate or caramel on top to turn it into a real dessert.


Mmm Carmel

This next flavor of choice has no designated name but it seems like it should because it sounds real good. It consists of caramelized bananas and cinnamon coated taco shells. Yum. It even comes with its own video showcasing how to make these so you can have an easier time figuring these out at home.

Are your tastes buds dying to have a bite or are you preferring to stay away from taco dessert goodness? Of course, there’s no shame in deciding to stay away from these delicacies. They’re not exactly the healthiest of snacks out there. If you are going to take a leap and try out these creations then Long Wongs commends you! We at Long Wongs hope you enjoy them all!


Images used under creative commons license – commercial use (3/25/2017) Audrey Kirchner (Flickr)

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