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The Arizona State Flag

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We know it’s a little nerdy, but at Long Wongs AZ Famous Wings in West Phoenix, we love more than just juicy burgers and finger-licking wings. We love history, especially when it has to do with our home state of Arizona! The Grand Canyon State became the Union’s 48th State back in 1912. That it was the 48th state is unique, because it means that Arizona was the last and final state added to the Union within the continental United States! Alaska and Hawaii wouldn’t be added until 1959, rounding off our 50 United States. So what’s the story of the Arizona State flag? 

The Story Behind The Design of The Arizona State Flag

Believe it or not, as the story goes, in 1910 a rifle team from the territory of Arizona was scheduled for a competition at Camp Perry–one of the Nation’s largest gun training facilities to this day. It was customary for teams to carry a flag or emblem representing the state or territory they were competing for. Since the Arizona team had no such flag or emblem, the team captain, Colonel Harris along with Carl Hayden, Arizona’s first representative in Congress who went on to become a United States Senator, took up the mantle and designed one.

The symbolism of the Arizona State Flag

The flag designed by Colonel Harris and Carl Hayden would be the inspiration for the Arizona State flag when it was created in 1912. The top half of the flag displays 13 golden and red rays. These rays are symbolic of the 13 original American colonies. The bottom half of the flag is deep blue, or Liberty Blue, the same color used in the United States Flag. In the middle is a copper star rising like the sun over the field of Liberty Blue, which symbolizes the state’s booming copper industry. The flag was officially adopted by the Arizona State Legislature on February 27, 1917.

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