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The History of Karaoke

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Around the world, people gather in bars to have a drink, enjoy friends, and be entertained by the communal sing-along that is karaoke. We love hearing a stranger belt out the lyrics to one of our favorite tunes. There’s something about shared embarrassment, or the possibility of discovering America’s next musical star, that draws some people to these events over and over again. Maybe it makes us feel a little more human and connected to one another. At Long Wongs AZ Famous Wings, a karaoke bar in Phoenix, we not only offer fun and entertainment, but also the best wings in the Valley!

Where Did Karaoke Start?

Many cultures around the world have the custom of providing entertainment for attendees of dinner parties or feasts, but karaoke itself traces its roots back to Japan. The word karaoke is a blended word taken from the Japanese “kara” meaning empty, and “oke” a shortened form of the word for orchestra. An empty orchestra; it makes a lot of sense. And it’s just fun to say!

The man who invented the first karaoke machine in 1971, Daisuke Inoue, was a drummer who would accompany bar patrons when they sang. He wasn’t particularly passionate about drumming, but it was precisely this lack of passion that sparked the idea to invent a machine that would play five minutes of sing-along time for less than a dollar.

Karaoke in America

By the 1980s karaoke had soared in popularity in Japan and other parts of Asia, while in the United States, it was just making its debut. America’s first karaoke bar, Dimples, opened its doors to welcome the public in 1982, in downtown Los Angeles. And the rest is history. While karaoke has never quite taken off in America as it did in Japan and Asia, it’s still considered a popular pastime in our nation.

Long Wong’s is your local karaoke bar in Phoenix. We were voted the restaurant with Arizona’s best wings, and we’re THE spot to catch the big game, enjoy delicious wings & pizza, or sing your heart out to some karaoke with friends and family. Come and satisfy your craving today!


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