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The Origin of Appetizers

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At Long Wongs, we pride ourselves in having the best wings in Phoenix. But we must admit, our appetizers are a show-stealer, too! Appetizers have long held a central role in the eating customs of cultures around the world. These days you can even order appetizers for dinner and call it a night. While our English word for appetizer refers to building the appetite, another phrase that comes to mind is the French phrase Hors D’oeuvre. Of course, with French being a romantic language, hors d’oeuvre has a beautiful meaning: outside of the masterpiece. If the main dish is the masterpiece, then hors d’oeuvres are served around the meal.

Outside of the Masterpiece

In America, we think of appetizers as the meal’s first course, which is followed by a main dish and afterward, by dessert. But it wasn’t until the 19th century that meals evolved into their formal, multi-course structure. So our modern understanding of the appetizer as a pre-meal meal item is a relatively recent phenomenon.

In French culture, hors d’oeuvres were originally finger foods served on the side that could be snacked on throughout a fancy meal. And the Ancient Greeks and Romans would sample from platters of fresh fruit, cheeses, olives, and salty fish, in order to prepare for the food and drink to come. No matter which culture, these extra foods served alongside a meal always signified abundance and often celebration, as this kind of excess was not common in everyday meals.

Our Three Favorite Appetizers Served at Long Wongs AZ Famous Wings


  1. The Cantina Platter: great to share with the whole table, the cantina platter is an assortment of mozzarella sticks, cactus sticks (battered De Zucchini Rebozados), battered mushrooms, Long Wong poppers, and onion rings served with a side of ranch dressing!
  2. Coyote Skins: our take on potato skins. Smothered with cheddar and jack & cheese, imitation bacon bits, and a dollop of sour cream on top.
  3. Waffle-Fry Nachos: replace tortilla chips with waffle fries, stack ‘em with nacho cheese tomatoes, jalapenos, sour cream & guacamole—and you’ve got our finger-lickin’ waffle-fry nachos.


You could call this blog post an appetizer, because we hope we’ve sufficiently whet your appetite! So whether you’re dying for one of our unique appetizers or some of the best wings in Phoenix, come and visit us at Long Wongs in West Phoenix!


Photo by Shared Food from Burst (8/10/2018)

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