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Toasting Traditions in Europe

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Many cultures throughout the world have a word or phrase they utter before sipping an alcoholic beverage. There may even be consequences for not saying or doing the customary word or action as you toast. Long Wongs Famous Wings and Pizza in Phoenix AZ is on the research train, so the next time you lift your glass to friends and family, you’ll know why you are doing it!

The French

The French drinking tradition goes as far back as the Middle Ages. Their version of “Cheers” is “À votre santé,” literally translated as, “I wish you good health.” Historically, it was a way of identifying if you had poisoned the drink or not. Thankfully, we don’t have to be too concerned with those kinds of shenanigans in the modern day! If you ever have the opportunity to toast in France, be careful to do it just right – make eye contact, clink everyone’s glass in your party, and don’t cross arms with another person as you toast, or you might end up with 7 years of bad luck…or bad sex!

The English

If you were ever curious about the origins of the word “toast” in English, the famous William Shakespeare was the first to coin it in his play Merry Wives of Windsor. The concept actually made a lot of sense. In that time, they would dip a piece burnt bread into the wine in order to make the wine more palatable. Dry bread dipped in wine…Toast! In England there are pubs on almost every street corner, so you’d better believe they have a strong toasting tradition. Expect to say, “Cheers, Mate,” when toasting in England.

The Germans

There is nothing more synonymous with Germany than beer, right? Not only do you toast once by saying, “Prost!” before drinking, you must repeat the toast with every round of drinks. That could make for a repetitive evening! Here are a few tips if you ever end up toasting with a German: 1) never drink from the beverage before the toast. 2) Be sure to make eye contact. 3) Clink the bottom of the glass and not the top. Now you’re ready to toast with your German friends.

The Italians

Italy is the land of a thousand vineyards, so it’s safe to assume they have almost as many ways to toast as they have vineyards. Before sipping a glass of wine, you may hear Italians say the informal “Salute,” or the more formal “Cin cin.” Of course, as one of the romantic languages, in Italian, toasts can be enchanting, like this one, “Cento di questi giorni,” which is translated, “May you have a hundred of these days.”

There you have it, the scoop on toasting friends in several cultures. If you’re ever looking for a place to toast your European friends or your American friends, we’ve got the right place for you! In addition to our famous wings and pizza, Long Wongs, located in West Phoenix, has a variety of beer and specialty drinks that make it a great location for a casual night out, or for any celebration. We raise our glass to you!


Photo by Matthew Henry from Burst (3/20/2018)

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