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Who Was Saint Patrick?

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In America, Saint Patrick’s Day is synonymous with leprechauns, corned beef, shamrocks, and green beer. While these are fun little tales and traditions, most of what we know about the holiday itself is inaccurate. Saint Patrick, the holiday’s namesake, might be as famous as Long Wong’s pizza and wings, but do you know that much about him?

The Real Saint Patrick

Maewyn Succat, who later earned the title Saint Patrick, was born into a Romanized family of high social standing in Britain, in the late 4th century AD. His father was a deacon in the church, but there is speculation that he took the position for the tax incentives, rather than as a holy calling. At the age of 16, Maewyn was abducted by Irish raiders and sold into slavery. While serving as a slave and tending to sheep, Maewyn had a conversion experience and turned to Christianity. Historians think it was at this point he changed his name to Patrick. After six years of servitude, he had a dream in which he was told how to escape. Emboldened by his vision, he devised a plan to flee his captors. His escape was successful, and he boarded a ship sailing for Britain.

Back in His Home Land

Upon his return to Britain, Patrick was burdened for the lost souls of his countrymen. It is said that he spent the rest of his life building schools, churches, and monasteries around the land. Today Saint Patrick is credited, at least in part, for bringing Christianity to Ireland and Britain in the 5th century. Much of what we know about him is contained in his autobiographical account, Confessio.

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Photo by Sarah Pflug from Burst (3/10/2018)

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